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Camaraderie. Collaboration. Candor.

You weren’t taught how to run a business in veterinary school, and there are few places to turn as you try to improve your hospital’s performance and deliver quality care at the same time. But when you join a Veterinary Management Group (VMG), you connect with a group of 16-20 owners with hospitals similar to, yet geographically distant from, your own. Suddenly, you have a place where you can share ideas to help each other succeed and discuss common challenges. You also gain exclusive access to a purchasing program that pays for your membership – and drops additional dollars to the bottom line. And that’s just the beginning.

Check out the many beneficial aspects of membership you can expect from VMG below.

Group 528@2x
Intellectual Capital

Improve hospital performance with real-world strategies and knowledge from over 1,000 successful practices

Group 529
Purchasing Program

Access the nation’s leading member discounts, rebates and sponsorships

Group 530@2x
Financial Benchmarking

Benchmark your hospital against a global reporting network

Group 531
Professional Development

Expand your skills and invest in your staff with a range of programs and specialty courses

Group 532
Operational Support

Learn from management, marketing, and risk mitigation professionals, as well as other expert content providers

Group 533
Companionship & Belonging

Turn peers into lifelong friends as you exchange ideas and keep each other accountable 

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 At VMG, we’re focused on helping you take meaningful action to improve the business side of your hospital. That starts right now. Get a glimpse of the topics we cover in our study groups – and unlock insights that can help you grow as an owner and a leader, today 

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